Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Thread Organization

Let's talk about organization. Specifically, craft supplies organization. See, my studio is pretty small. It is a little room that I share with my husband, and it doubles as our study/studio space (pictures to come later). Basically I don't have a lot of room to work with. But--I love being able to see all my supplies out in the open and I love having a colorful and inspiring environment to work in. So when my mother-in-law recently gave me a bunch of thread, I knew I wanted to be visible in my studio, but didn't want to buy a fancy storage piece and needed to store all that thread so that it only took up a small amount of space. That is why I came up with this (super cheap!) way to organize my new supplies.

I just took this:

And did this:

Simply take a straw and slide your spools of thread onto it. If you want a stack of thread taller than your original straw, grab another straw, cut a few small slits in one end of it, and slide that down over the first straw (see above picture). Then continue stacking. Once you've reached your desired height, snip the extra bit of straw off. Continue until all your spools are stacked. This method allows you to stack many spools in one spot without worrying about them falling over and rolling all over the room. And  you can mix up colors and heights to make eye-catching patterns. 

That's it! A quick, easy, budget-friendly storage solution for your thread. Isn't it great when your craft supplies can double as decor? :)

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